Maintaining a Balanced Diet

I’m sure all of you understand the struggle of maintaining a healthy balanced diet year round. For most of us at least I’m sure this is a battle and one that we lose some days, which I think is totally fine. However on the other days, the ones where we can feed our body with … Continue reading Maintaining a Balanced Diet


Getting Organized and Planning Your Week

As I believe most pre med students are I have always been the type of person who love scheduling things and making to-do lists and filling out my planner. A big portion of it is just getting myself motivated and keeping myself in check but there is that part of me that just loves a … Continue reading Getting Organized and Planning Your Week

Welcome to New York

Here is my itinerary for my New York trip! Day 1:5:30am: Arrive at La Gaurdia Airport 8:30am: Check into The Excelsior and breakfast at Sarabeth's West 10:00am: Stroll around Central Park and Turtle Pond 1:00pm: After a quick nap at the hotel, we went to the Hayden Planetarium and American Museum of Natural History. 8:00pm: … Continue reading Welcome to New York

Before I die… Body Worlds: Pulse

Happy Wednesday Friends! I've been meaning to tell you guys about my visit to the California Science Center where I had the amazing opportunity to see the Body Worlds: Pulse exhibit. If you haven't heard of it "BODY WORLDS: Pulse brings to life findings from scientific studies that chronicle the effects of modern-day life on … Continue reading Before I die… Body Worlds: Pulse

Seattle Art Museum

Finally getting around to posting about my visit to the Seattle Art Museum in September! You can see my blog post about my trip overall here! This post is mostly just a list of my favorite pieces from the museum and if you are ever in the area I really recommend a visit! If you have been, … Continue reading Seattle Art Museum

Fitness, Nutrition and Self-Care as a busy college student

Being a pre med student can often have a serious toll on your personal mental and physical health and on jobs, research positions, volunteering and social obligations and self care usually gets thrown out the window. I've seen plenty of people around me forgo healthy meals, trash their workout schedule and completely forget about self … Continue reading Fitness, Nutrition and Self-Care as a busy college student

Brandy Melville Warehouse Sale

Hey guys!! I went to an absolutely amazing sale last week hosted by Brandy Melville in Santa Monica, CA. I just wanted to share with you everything I found and recommend that if you have the time you should check one out in your neighborhood! Everything was either $5,$10 or $15 which was absolutely ridiculous … Continue reading Brandy Melville Warehouse Sale

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Haul

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I really hope everyone took the time with family and/or friends on Thursday to count all our blessings and be grateful for all of the opportunities available to us. But everyone knows what comes after Thanksgiving... BLACK FRIDAY AND CYBER MONDAY! I personally made the decision a few years back not to … Continue reading Black Friday/Cyber Monday Haul

Roamin Round Half Dome

Two summers ago I made the decision to visit Yosemite National Park in California. To this day it has been my favorite wilderness trip and I cannot wait to go back and explore some more. Trip Details I spent 5 days  in Yosemite in mid-July and my love for the National Park Service began. During … Continue reading Roamin Round Half Dome

Trolling around Seattle

Hey guys! I miss hearing your input and responses to my posts so I thought I would tell all of you about my latest adventure. I spent the last 5 days wondering around and adventuring through one of the most gorgeous states I have ever been to: Washington. It had never even crossed my mind … Continue reading Trolling around Seattle