Pretty Little Thing

Hey guys!

I have been MIA for some time now because of school and starting a new job at volunteer position! All very exciting things but also super time consuming😓

Anyways I am going to start blogging more regularly again! I think the easiest way to start again was to write about something that I’m super excited about!

I recently had the most amazing experience with an online shopping website and I just had to share it with you guys. With the busy lives we live of school to work or internships the last thing on our minds after a long day is going to the mall! But on those occasions that we can’t show up in scrubs or leggings we need real people clothes haha👗👠

This website was recommended by a friend and I was iffy about it at first as I’m sure you guys have also had horrible online shopping experiences, but this website was absolutely fantastic!

The name of the website is Pretty Little Thing, if you just google that it’ll come up and I’ve also attached the link at the bottom of the page(:

They have an unbelievable variety of clothing from rompers to swimsuits and formal dresses. I personally had a formal graduation and needed a dress. I was so tired of seeing the same exact dress in every store and the dress I ended up with from pretty little thing was very unique! (See photos below)

The website had a 50% off promotion going on when I bought the dress and they have similar promotion almost every week! The shipping was free for a purchase over $40 and only $5 for everything else!! It’s not even worth spending hours in the mall!

I just had to write a review for this website as I’ve never had such an amazing experience shopping with an international online company! (psst this isn’t even an ad I just loved the website)



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